The Trump Tapes: Bob Woodward’s Twenty Interviews with President Donald Trump Audiobook

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11.50 hours

Release Date

October 2022


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Im doing something here that Ive never done before, presenting the lengthy, raw interviews of my work. In the fall of 2019 through August 2020, I interviewed President Trump 19 times for my second book on his presidency, Rage. I had also interviewed him in 2016 when he was a presidential candidate. I decided to take this unusual step of releasing these recordings after relistening in full to all 20 interviews. As I listened to them again I was stunned by their relevance to understanding Trump. Hearing Trump speak is a completely different experience to reading the transcripts or listening to snatches of interviews on television or the internet. Bob Woodward from The Trump Tapes The Trump Tapes is the intimate and astonishing audio archive of Bob Woodwards 20 interviews with Donald Trump. Featuring more than eight hours of Woodward/Trump conversations, The Trump Tapes is as historically important as the Frost/Nixon interviews. In this up-close, unvarnished self-portrait of Trump and his presidency, listeners will hear Trump as Woodward did: profane, incautious, divisive, and deceptive, but also engaging and entertaining, ever the host and the salesman, trying to sell his presidency to win Woodward over. Relying on familiar devicesairing grievances, stoking divisions, repeating himself to a staggering degree, as if saying something often and loud enough will make something trueTrump uses his voice as a concussive instrument, pounding in the listeners ear. In new commentary created exclusively for The Trump Tapes, Woodward at times breaks frame from the interviews to provide essential context or clarification. But for the most part the interviews proceed uninterrupted, fulfilling Woodwards goal of presenting Trumps voice and words for the historical record, and offering listeners the chance to hear and judge and make their own assessments. As relevant as ever to the task of understanding Donald Trump, The Trump Tapes reveal Trump in his own wordsa man consumed by the past and clinging to his grievances, unable to understand his responsibilities as president or address the crises affecting the country. Download and start listening now! “The Trump Tapes is an invaluable and astonishing audio archive for anyone interested in President Trump’s thoughts and actions. Spanning eight hours of conversations between Woodward and Trump, the audiobook provides unparalleled insight into the current president’s character. While it shows how he could be engaging and entertaining, it also reveals how often he was divisive, deceptive, and profane. Those listening to The Trump Tapes are treated to a raw and unvarnished portrait of the president as seen through Woodward’s eyes. It is immediately apparent that Trump has difficulty understanding his own responsibilities as commander-in-chief and addressing the crises facing our nation. He is mired in past grievances rather than looking towards the future. No moment better encapsulates this than when he says “I always try to look out for myself, first and foremost” while discussing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s nuclear arsenal. At times the audiobook can feel disjointed due to its origins as one long conversation broken into bite-sized chunks; however, each clip leads logically onto the next. This makes it easy to jump back in if you have been away from it for a while or want to go back to review something interesting that you heard earlier on. One feature I particularly enjoyed was how some clips were taken from different conversations but had been stitched together so that they flowed naturally – making it sound like one continuous conversation in places! This audiobook is essential listening for anyone who wants a deeper insight into Donald Trump’s mindset and worldview. Its lessons will remain relevant long after his presidential term, providing an important historical document about what made America’s 45th president tick during his time in office.” Gerald T. (5 out of 5 stars)