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July 2022


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I took home more in a year than the CEOs of McDonald’s, IKEA, Ford, Motorola, and Yahoo combined as a kid in my 20s using the $100M Offers method. It works. And it will work for you. Not that long ago, though, my business had gotten so bad that I literally couldnt even give my services away for free. At the end of each month, I would look at my bank account hoping to see progress (but there wasnt). I knew something had to change…but what? Over the next 48 months, I went from losing money to making $36 for every $1 spent. In that time period, we generated over $120,000,000 across four different industries: service, ecommerce, software, and brick and mortar. But, unlike everyone else, we didnt have great funnels, great ads, or a wealthy niche. In fact, we didnt even send emails until we had crossed $50M in sales. Instead, we were able to do this one thing really well: We created offers so good, people felt stupid saying no. Heres exactly what this book will show you how to do: -How to charge a lot more than you currently are -The tiny market, big money process we use to laser focus on niche markets overflowing with cash -The unfair pricing formula: How we multiplied our pricing by 100 (and got more people to say yes…for real) -The value flip…so you never get price compared again (Thats a promise.) -The virtuous cycle of price: Use it to outspend your competition (for good) while using your product to attract the best talent. -How to make your product so good, prospects find a way to pay for it -The unbeatable value equation: to make what you sell worth more than your prospects have ever received -The delivery cube: to make delivering your products and services cost less but provide more -The trim and stack hack: to maximize profit using the absolute best delivery methods. (This has never been shared publicly and was how we made $17m in profit on $28m in revenue in a year when I was 28 years old) -And so much more! Download and start listening now!