1. Download audiobook and Extract the file.

Download audiobook files in mp3 or M4B format (Encourage the use of M4B files with higher quality and more convenience.). Usually these files are usually compressed into .zip files. So we need to extract the file to get a directory of many mp3 files. Each of these files is a chapter of an audiobook, the division will help users easily find and remember.

Extract the file after download. If you download the M4B file, you will not need to decompress it and can use it immediately. Please prioritize using M4B files for more convenience

2. Connect iPhone and add audiobooks

Connect your iPhone to the computer with a USB cable and check the connection to make sure your device is connected successfully. Then open iTunes and add the file to the library.

add fonder

Select all mp3 files of audiobooks. If using .M4B files, select all of your M4B files.

4 1

Go to the music section and select the album section

5 1

Right click on the newly added audiobook album and continue to select “Album info”. If you use the M4B file, iTunes will automatically understand that this is an audiobook and there is no need to do this step. Please scroll down to sync the book to your iPhone

6 1

Select the options tab, in the media kind section select audiobook. Then press ok.

7 1

On iTunes, select your device and sync the audiobook you just added to your library with your device.

8 1

9 1

Wait for the data synchronization process to complete.

10 2

Now go to your iphone and open the “ibooks” reading app and enjoy.


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